Company: Fox’s
Rsp: £4.99/454g
Competition: Own label
The sell: The newcomer, which is lighter than a traditional pud, would help to reinvigorate the own label-driven £35m Christmas pudding category

The consumer

After steaming for an hour, the aroma and appearance of this pudding was spot on. The texture was light and spongy and the flavour was good, if a little too sweet. But although it was packed generously with nuts and fruit I missed the stodginess of a traditional pudding; this just wasn’t heavy and cloying enough. But it is supposed to be lighter than usual, so in that respect it’s a winner. I ate it quite happily. Three stars (out of five)
Elizabeth Myles, retired, West Sussex

The expert
If you’re looking for a new product that introduces you to the Christmas pudding world then this is it. While there was a balanced content of fruit and nuts this was definitely a pudding for the neutral consumer as it was lighter, less boozy than most and had a much sweeter taste. For the ease of cooking and overall taste this is definitely well priced at £4.99. Three stars
James Appleby, trainee buyer, canned milk, puddings & desserts, Morrisons

The Grocer
I’ve never understood why it is that on the day we eat our biggest meal of the year we follow up by having the stodgiest dessert known to man so it comes as something of a relief that Fox’s has launched this lighter pudding. I love Christmas pud and was a bit sceptical about messing with such a traditional favourite, but it tasted great. It was light and moist rather like a hot fruit cake and still tasted like Christmas pudding should. Four stars
Beth Phillips, deputy news editor