Growers seek new bicoloured varieties French growers are continuing to search for new apple varieties as the demand for bicoloured fruit continues to grow, often at the expense of its traditional Golden Delicious, Granny Smith and Red Delicious varieties. Interest has been fuelled by the success of Pink Lady, with France anticipating to account for the bulk of a 100,000 tonne European crop due to come on stream in four years. French volume of Honeycrunch, another registered variety, could reach 3,500 tonnes by 2003. Next in line is Cameo, another brand name which is known in Washington State where it originated as Caudie. It is a streaked chance seedling from Red Delicious and now being grown under licence in France where it is believed ultimately to have a 50,000 tonne potential. Sonya, a New Zealand variety which has already appeared in the UK, has also made the transition to French growers. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}