Chobani revamps yoghurts as new court fight with Fage looms

Chobani now refers to its yoghurts as ‘strained’

For the second time in less than a year, Chobani is changing its packaging in the UK - this time, to give its products a cleaner look and reposition them as “strained” yoghurts.

The move comes as it emerged this week the US yoghurt giant has been granted an appeal against Total Greek Yoghurt maker Fage in its legal fight over the right to use the term ‘Greek’ yoghurt. Its case will be heard in September.

The new pots go into Tesco on 10 June. They are less colourful than the current ones, and Chobani’s claim to use “only naturally sourced ingredients” has been given greater prominence. UK marketing manager Christine Fung said the packs would give greater standout. Crucially, Chobani now refers to its yoghurts as ‘strained’, having most recently described them as “fat-free yoghurt”.

“By using the word ‘strained’ on our packaging, we are communicating to our customers that Chobani is made using our authentic straining process,” Fung said.

When it launched in the UK last September, Chobani initially sold its yoghurts as ‘Greek’ even though they are made in the US. But it changed its packs in December after Fage launched a legal challenge. Fage won the case in March, when the High Court ruled that Greek yoghurt had to be from Greece.

Chobani has always maintained it will continue fighting for the right to use the term ‘Greek’ in the UK. Fage declined to comment.

Chobani is also extending its range with two new variants: blueberry and apple cinnamon.