For Goodness Shakes is expanding its range with two new RTD lines aimed at opposite ends of the protein drinks market: a low-fat protein shake aimed at slimmers, and a super-high protein drink aimed at gym fanatics.

Both products go into Tesco on 16 June.

For Goodness Shakes Ultimate Nutrition is the brand’s first RTD drink aimed at casual, non-gym users, and will be marketed on its fat-free properties. Containing 125 calories, it will come in three variants - chocolate, strawberry and iced café latte (rsp: £1.75 for 315ml).

Ultimate Protein Core Power – in dark chocolate and strawberry – is aimed at heavy protein users and contains 40g of protein and 10g of carbohydrates (rsp £2.99 for 475ml). For Goodness Shakes said the drink’s 4:1 ratio of protein to carbs and low price made it “the best value in the market” and gave the mults an opportunity to appeal to heavy gym users, “the single largest user segment in the £300m protein market”. To date, these users had been forced to buy their super-high protein shakes through specialist outlets, it added. “Understanding how consumers want to use protein has led to launching targeted products for defined audiences,” said marketing director Alex Brooks. “It creates opportunities to attract a wide range of high-spending protein buyers to the dairy drinks fixture.”