Nestlé is giving Ski an indulgent twist with the launch of Ski Sensations - a more luxurious, cream-based dessert.

The launch is the latest move by Nestlé to extend the brand beyond its traditional heartland of low-fat yoghurt, having launched Ski Mousse in 2012. Made using fruit purée and cream, Ski Sensations is available in smooth peaches & cream and smooth strawberries & cream, both rsp £1.39 for a pack of two 70g yoghurts. It will roll into stores this month.

The strawberry variant has 180 calories per 100g. In comparison, Activia Intensely Creamy Sumptuously Strawberry contains 99 calories per 100g and Müller Amore Strawberries & Cream contains 144.

“We’re very excited that Ski is venturing into true indulgence for the first time. We’ve been pioneers in combining dairy and real fruit for over 50 years so to move into everyday luxury, leveraging this expertise, is a natural progression,” said Steve Clarke, marketing director at Lactalis Nestle Chilled Dairy.

Ski Sensations does not contain yoghurt. Nestlé claims that Sensations are “more indulgent than a luxury yoghurt yet more permissible than a chocolate dessert”.