Mac’s farm went into Tesco in South East this week

Noble Foods, best known for its Happy Egg Co brand, has launched a new brand of organic free-range eggs in the south east of England.

The Mac’s Farm range, supplied by the Mac family from East Sussex, was listed this week in Tesco stores in the South East with an introductory price of £1.95 for half a dozen eggs, moving to £2.20 from 3 June.

The Mac family have been supplying free-range eggs from the farm to local shops since the 1920s, and also operate a community-run egg farm in Uganda.

The business complemented Noble Foods’ values of producing “eggs from hens that enjoy an enriched and happy life,” said brand manager Caroline Beatty.

“The Mac family are hugely passionate about what they do and their family ethos certainly highlights this. We’re really pleased to be working with them to launch this product into Tesco stores and look forward to the reaction from their customers,” she added.