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Customers choose from a choice of nine meals a week

A new grocery delivery service is targeting adventurous foodies with meal kits promising complex, Ottolenghi-style dishes containing fresh ingredients not usually found in mainstream supermarkets.

The Recipe Kit supplies pre-measured ingredients - including meat from Smithfield’s William, Warman & Guttridge and fresh produce from farms in Kent - for a range of dishes delivered as meal kits across the UK.

Customers can choose from a choice of nine meals every week - four of which are vegetarian - to create a box containing either ingredients for three meals for two (£39 a week) or for four people (£59). Delivery is free.

Unlike other recipe-based delivery services such as Hello Fresh - which tend to market themselves as accessible grocery services for the whole family - The Recipe Kit’s unique selling point is its focus on more challenging recipes, created by head chef Olia Hercules, an alumna of the trendy Ottolenghi restaurant.

Ingredients include edible flowers and Pied Bleu mushrooms, and the boxes contain tutorials on key chef skills, such as the chiffonade technique.

Founder George Kazarian said The Recipe Kit would offer “a delicious alternative to dining out”. “Britain is becoming fanatical about food, and we plan to tap into the growing market of people who place gastronomy at the centre of their lives.”

The boxes contained the exact quantities needed for each dish, so avoided food waste, he added.