Mac n Cheese (1)

Source: The Simple Root

The new range is produced in the UK out of root vegetables and is rich in calcium and B12

The Simple Root has announced the launch of a range of “naturally creamy” plant-based cheese alternatives for the UK market, made from potatoes and root vegetables.

The new range is made using UK-grown produce, and is rich in calcium and B12.

The brand said it had created a new technique for its manufacture, which made the cheese alternatives less oily than many other vegan cheeses in the market, was perfect for melting, and did not have “the overwhelming coconut taste you get with other competitors”.

The NPD launches on 16 January and includes block, grated and sliced cheddar-style alternatives, with a grated mozzarella launching soon. It will be available on The Simple Root website initially (rsp: TBC), though UK CEO Louise Wymer hinted at plans for a wider rollout, stating “we are keen to support a major partnership”.

Wymer is a catering industry expert, while the brand is backed by McCain Foods and venture management specialist Pilot Lite Group, which The Simple Root claims “significantly reduces the risk normally associated with a startup”. The business was launched in 2021 and currently sells a range of sauces and dips. 

“So many chefs have told us that existing vegan cheeses just don’t make the mark when it comes to taste or meltability,” she added.

“So, we’ve developed a cheese that offers a no-compromise swap for plant-based menus, working perfectly in recipes from cheese toasties and pasta to pizzas.”

The brand also claimed that the products have 30% less fat compared with competitors and over 30% less salt, while also being “less resource-intensive than other plant-based dairy alternatives”.

“We are so proud of everything we have achieved in the development of our veg packed plant-based cheese,” added Wymer.