Scottish potato giant Albert Bartlett has scored a coup across the pond after teaming up with Walmart to launch Rooster potatoes in the US.

The branded spuds – which Albert Bartlett has promoted in the UK with a high-profile campaign starring Desperate Housewives’ Marcia Cross – will go on shelves in Walmart stores in Colorado and Georgia this month. A wider rollout will follow in 2013.

The deal marks the first time Albert Bartlett has sold Rooster potatoes in the US. The potatoes will be produced by American farmers, based on tissue culture and seed imported from Scotland.

Albert Bartlett’s US vice president for sales and marketing, John Hicks, said the company had been working on bringing Rooster to the US for the past four years.

“Having received fantastic support from Walmart since our very early discussions, we are now excited to see how their consumers respond and are confident we can gain a strong and loyal following as we have done in the UK,” he said.

Produce-Walmart director Scott Dray said the taste profile of Rooster was “fantastic”, adding Walmart was “confident that, if we can get our customers to try it once, they will come back for more”.

Albert Bartlett has been supported in its US venture by Scottish Development International, a Scottish government-backed organisation promoting overseas trade.

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond (pictured) said: “It is inspiring to see a long-standing, traditional Scottish company develop so confidently and dramatically in today’s market, where Scottish food and drink exports are booming.”