Avocado sales have overtaken oranges for the first time as shoppers make radical changes to the way they eat fruit, according to this year’s Top Products survey.

Avocado rocketed up two places to number eight in the fresh fruit top 10, with sales soaring 25.9% on volumes up 27.9% [Nielsen: 52 w/e 10/10/2015] in the wake of the so-called “avocado craze” that saw Brits using the fruit for everything from toast to smoothies.

A spokeswoman for the Peruvian Trade Office, which helps promote Hass avocados, put soaring sales down to the “unprecedented” media coverage, which has given shoppers new appreciation for their “many” health benefits.

Oranges, meanwhile, have fallen out of favour. Sales volumes were down 4.3%, pushing them into tenth place.

Steve Rudge, head of procurement for the wholesaler Reynolds, said oranges are losing ground to easy peelers and bitesize fruit like grapes and berries, which are less messy, quicker to prepare and more affordable and available than ever.