Volume sales increases were primarily attributed to the lockdown-related trend of scratch-cooking

Sales of onions and leeks have soared during the latest Covid-19 lockdown, according to the British Growers Association.

Volume sales of onions are up 25% year on year, while leeks have seen a 15% rise in sales, according to the trade body.

The increases were primarily attributed to the lockdown trend of scratch-cooking, with changes in consumption habits, such as flexitarianism, also suggested to be behind the rises.

Other veg producers have also been enjoying greater demand, including brassica and carrot growers.

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“It’s great to see this surge in demand. We know as a nation we don’t have enough veg in our diet and while part of the success is attributable to lockdown,” said BGA CEO Jack Ward. “There is a growing interest in healthy eating and seasonal produce.”

He added: “The UK had a proud tradition of producing seasonal veg throughout the year and the increased consumption has brought a welcome counter to the problems of coping with the Covid pandemic.”

British vegetable producers have sounded a note of warning, however, as the sales boost combined with difficult growing conditions could lead to more imported product than usual.

The Leek Growers Association estimated a 10-14% shortfall in domestic supply during April and May due to the drought conditions seen last spring. British carrot and brassica producers have reported similar issues.