Sweet sprouting cauliflower

Produce World is hoping to boost the youth appeal of cauliflower with the launch of a new sweet sprouting variety from China.

Grown at a “secret location” in Lincolnshire, the new brassica is available now from a limited number of Waitrose stores.

In addition to being sweeter than traditional cauliflower, it is less dense and has long stems with small white heads, making it quicker and easier to cook.

“Sweet sprouting cauliflower has been popular in China for a long time and it has a number of characteristics which we believe will appeal to British consumers of all ages,” said Gemma Hodgson, Waitrose fresh produce buyer.

“We know that people are under time pressure, and preparation and cooking times are getting shorter. This product can be eaten raw in salads, used in stir-fries, steamed, roasted or barbecued and it’s ready in a matter of minutes.”

Produce World claimed sweet sprouting cauliflower was also a good source of protein, thiamine and riboflavin, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin K, and that a 100g serving will supply 80% of a person’s daily requirement of vitamin C and 10% of their vitamin B6. 

“This is a healthy and exciting innovation, and will be a new way to enjoy cauliflower for a younger generation. It is not as intimidating as traditional cauliflower in terms of size,” said Frank Robinson, sales and marketing director with Produce World Group. “It is available in manageable one meal portion sizes, targeting premium meal occasions.”