Pooch pampering is moving to the next level with the creation of a range of puddings specifically for dogs.

Called HiLife Just Desserts, the puddings are said to be the first of their kind in the UK, according to producer Town & Country Petfoods, and are designed to satisfy the cravings of any sweet-toothed canine. They come in summer fruit pudding and apple & cranberry crumble flavours, although more recipes are planned.

Available from next month, the desserts contain fruit, grains and vegetable oils, as well as Omega-3, to tap into growing concerns over pet health. At 100 calories per serving, they also contain no added sugar. Marketing director Peter Parkinson said that, like humans, dogs had a desire for the odd sweet treat. "Dogs in the wild would naturally seek out fruits to satisfy their sweet tooth. The puddings make an occasional tasty change from conventional treats."

The desserts have an rsp of 59p for an 85g can.