Nestlé Rowntree is taking its Rowntree fruit confectionery brand into unusual territory with two new products aimed at adults, including a cereal bar. Off the blocks on June 3, the new yogurt-coated fruit and cereal bar, called Fruitsome, and Fruit Rush gums with fruity liquid centres form part of the brand's summer activity. Other elements include a £4m media spend on two new TV ads and an outdoor campaign, revamped packaging across the full range ­ including a new logo ­ and a new brand banner Pick your own fruit'. All packs will also have a bolder logo, and each brand gets its own individual colour. A market stall-style floorbin will enable retailers to offer consumers either four or five impulse singles for 99p. Fruitsome bars come in Red Berry, Citrus and Tropical flavours, in impulse single (rsp: 34p) and six-bar multipacks (£1.69). Each Fruit Rush pack contains an assortment of pink grapefruit, raspberry, blackcurrant, mandarin, lemon and lime flavours, all shaped like the fruit. They come in 45g impulse (30p) and 175g hanging bags (99p). {{P&P }}