Full Power Cacao

Full Power Cacao founder Liam Browne won over three dragons with his pitch

Ceremonial-grade cacao company Full Power Cacao has scored a three-way investment following an appearance on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

Founder Liam Browne agreed a deal with Steven Bartlett and Peter Jones for £20k each in return for a combined 20% of the business, while guest dragon Gary Neville also invested £10k for 5%, valuing Full Power Cacao at £200k.

The entrepreneur plans to use the cash to transform cacao into a mainstream household product.

“From the moment Liam walked through the den’s doors I was captivated by his calming aura and his engaging pitch,” Bartlett said.

“I believe the business he set up over 10 years ago certainly sets itself apart from competitors and I’m truly looking forward to supporting Liam in scaling the company to new heights and disrupting the holistic wellness market.”

Browne added: “I’m ecstatic to get three dragons on board. I cannot wait to start working with Steven to strengthen and amplify my business and marketing strategy, furthering my mission of shedding light on the true magical and healing wonders of cacao.”

Browne launched Full Power Cacao as a brand in 2021 after hosting cacao ceremonies since 2012. He was inspired by a meeting with a ‘chocolate shaman’ on his travels in Guatemala and is on a mission to promote cacao as “highly nutritious superfood”.

The brand ethically sources its cacao from Venezuela and is “energetically blessed” by Browne in Manchester.