Snaffling Pic, Dragons Den

L-r: Nick Coleman, Nick Jenkins and Andrew Allen

Snacks brand Snaffling Pig has secured a £70,000 investment from BBC TV show Dragons’ Den.

Dragon Nick Jenkins, founder of, pledged the money after saying the brand’s pork crackling was the nicest he had ever tasted. In exchange, Jenkins negotiated a 20% share in the business, giving Snaffling Pig the opportunity to buy back 10% at a later date.

Founders Andrew Allen and Nick Coleman also received positive feedback from former Weststar Holidays boss Deborah Meaden, although she joined the three remaining Dragons in not making an offer.

Coleman remarked: “Having Nick’s skills and passion on board is a huge boost for the team and will help us accelerate our plans to take this little piggy to market in ways he has never been before.

“The Den has proven to be a great springboard for food businesses in the past. Having spent the past two years building relationships with some amazing customers, we’re beyond excited to see where the year ahead will take us,” he added.

Jenkins said he was delighted with his investment. “The most exciting part of Dragons’ Den is finding businesses that have the perfect mix of team, product and market opportunity. Nick and Andy were able to demonstrate that Snaffling Pig ticked all of those boxes.”