Galaxy is going dark as brand owner Mars uses its signature milk chocolate brand to grab a share of the booming dark chocolate market. The new arrival, called Galaxy Smooth Dark, is part of a range relaunch, which also includes a modified shape, designed to melt more smoothly, as well as a reformulated recipe, two other new variants and updated packaging. Rolling out this month, the relaunch will be backed by a £5.7m spend, Galaxy's biggest single brand initiative for four years. Andrea Taylor, Mars trade relations manager, said extending Galaxy into dark chocolate would capitalise on the brand's equity and attract new consumers to the £67m dark sector. She also said that the reformulation and new shape - the result of two years research - produced a "smoother 'mouth-melt'". "Galaxy is the fastest-growing block confectionery in the market, rising 18.8% year on year," she added. "Historically, it has been milk chocolate with different variants but broadening the range to include Smooth Dark will bring new people into dark chocolate. It offers consumers all the rich taste without any bitterness and will appeal to people who think they don't like dark chocolate." But industry players warn that the sector is becoming too crowded. "Once a market starts to grow, all the major brands move in because they can't afford to miss it," said Richard Brittle, purchasing director for Hancocks Cash and Carry. "There's so little real NPD. There are so many different dark chocolate products now and only so many dark chocolate sales out there." The range's other new block variants are Roasted & Caramelised Hazelnuts and Raisin, Almond & Hazelnut, which will replace existing Hazelnut and Raisin & Hazelnut options. Advertising will focus on the new shape's improved taste rather than the new lines. Consumers will be urged to 'fall in love again' with the brand and the strapline will form the basis of TV and press advertising and sampling, kicking off later in the summer.