The trend towards lighter and healthier cheeses has inspired Galbani to come out with the first spreadable Ricotta.
Santa Lucia Ricottine is available in a variety of Italian flavours including Naturale, Pomodoro with sun-ripened tomatoes and basil and Mediterraneo with herbs.
It comes in twin pots (rsp: 99p for 2 x 100g) to maximise freshness and is colour coded to match the flavours.
Galbani said Ricotta was
naturally light, containing 13% fat, and the spreadable version was ideal on bread or crackers, or as a dip with crudités. Galbani UK managing director Mauricio Giamellaro said: “Santa Lucia Ricottine is a truly innovative product and the first of its type.
“Ricotta is a naturally light product, which forms part of the healthy Italian diet.
“In the UK, the Ricotta market is currently enjoying strong growth thanks to its naturally light qualities, and this new range of spreadable cheeses is sure to be popular with consumers.”