Grampian Country Foods is taking a fresh look at promoting gammon outside the Christmas sales peak.

Efforts last year to encourage shoppers to use coupons from Christmas packs in the new year had mixed success, according to category manager Phil Metcalfe. "We haven't done enough as a company, or an industry, to promote gammon's different uses.

"The right messages can do wonders. Look at the lamb shank - it's now a premium joint. Slow cooking a ham hock in the same way also results in a flavoursome and tender piece of meat and we have to get that message across."

To that end, celebrity chef Phil Vickery has been recruited to front the Gammon Cookery Book, which is on sale in bookstores and available for a discount on packs. The aim is to get people to buy gammon on one extra occasion next year - to 4.5 times on average, boosting sales by £34m. At present gammon sales stand at £200m a year.