Processors set to co-operate with generic initiative Moves from the Milk Development Council to kickstart generic milk advertising have received a cautious welcome from processors. The council is inviting individual dairy companies to apply for a promotional grant scheme to develop initiatives to promote milk after the Dairy Industry Federation withdrew funding for the White Stuff campaign. EU state aid requirements stipulate processors must develop generic campaigns if they want their contributions matched by farmers’ cash. As any generic campaign would indirectly assist competitors not willing to contribute, generic advertising is a sore point, said a spokesman from Robert Wiseman. “The issue of part-funding competitors’ advertising remains a very significant bugbear,” he said. “However, Wiseman is keen to keep up the momentum of the White Stuff and is working with producers to that end.” Express Dairies marketing director Robin Robb said Express was all in favour of the MDC’s new grant scheme: “We’re working on several ideas, but nothing we can speak about at the moment.” {{NEWS }}