Gillette is relaunching Right Guard with a new sporty image in a bid to see off competitors for the brand's number two market slot. And it is taking on trendy Adidas and Lynx brands at the younger end of the market with a £7.5m launch of a new Xtreme range for 15 to 24 year old lads. David Head, senior brand manager, said Right Guard wanted Xtreme to be a "hero" brand, filling a gap in the market for a product that offered performance as well as image. He said: "Our research indicates brand loyalty is unusually high in the deodorant market at 80%. "But the younger end is segmenting and we needed to tailor our products to attract new customers." The core Right Guard range of 10 variants has been redesigned to delineate between the male and female products as consumers move away from unisex branding. And the aerosol versions of all 10 have been reformulated. Right Guard Xtreme Sport goes on sale on January 15 in four forms, anti-perspirant deodorant aerosol, body spray, roll on, and a new Invisible Solid. The high profile TV ad campaign breaks in March 2001 targeting young lads and mums buying their teenagers toiletries. Xtreme Sport will have a presence on the web through partnerships with a range of selected sites. {{P&P }}