Velvet’s controversial bare bottoms have been ditched from the toilet paper’s latest advertising campaign.

Brand owner SCA Hygiene caused a storm of protest with last year’s push as posteriors of all shapes and sizes played starring roles in TV, press and poster treatments.

The ads provoked so much outrage that the Advertising Standards Authority, which polices print campaigns, received 375 complaints on the grounds of taste and decency, although it did not uphold any.

Now SCA is changing tack with a new £15m campaign which shows Velvet factory workers besotted with the product they produce. The TV ad shows the employees dropping from great heights and walking into stacks of Double Velvet, safe in the knowledge they work with an extremely soft product.

The TV campaign kicked off this week, while the poster campaign is scheduled to break next month.

A spokeswoman for SCA denied the decision to change tack had been prompted by the number of complaints about the old campaign and said the new push would still feature the ‘Love your bum’ catchline.