Glenmorangie has radically redesigned its range and added a raft of improved and new whiskies to attract younger drinkers to whisky. Parent company Moët Hennessy has scrapped the flagship 10-year-old expression and replaced it with Glenmorangie Original, still a 10-year-old whisky but with a softer, rounder style. The Glenmorangie wood finish range has been rebadged as the extra-matured range and includes a Sherry Finish called La Santa, a port finish called Quinta Ruban and a Sauterne finish called Nectar D'or. The names are intended to give drinkers a greater idea of what to expect from the taste of each variety, according to master distiller Bill Lumsden. The 18 and 25-year-old whiskies in the range have also been repackaged. "We have kept the main characteristics of Glenmorangie and just tweaked it to make it better, such as ageing a larger proportion of the 10-year-old in American white oak casks," said Lumsden. The revamp was partly in response to the needs of emerging markets in Asia, where Scotch whisky is popular and often mixed with green tea. Moët Hennessy is not the only distiller to recognise the importance of a modern image. Earlier this month Bacardi announced it would invest more than £120m in increased production of its Dewar's brand, while Inver House Distillers is promoting its Balblair whisky through partnerships with Scottish designers and artists to make it more appealing to younger drinkers. "Consumers in the Asian market are image-conscious and prefer more contemporary and stylish brands," said Lumsden. Glenmorangie's relaunch will be supported with a new advertising campaign and a programme of trade and consumer tastings over the next few months. Glenmorangie Original is set to retail for £25.99; the Extra Mature range for between £28.99 and £35.49 ; the 18 year old for £80 and the 25 year old for £210.