Global Brands is aiming to plug a "completely untapped" gap in the low-alcohol RTD market, with the latest addition to its Vodka Kick range.

The new VK Lo drink contains just 1.2% abv and 49 calories, significantly lower than the 4% abv average and 160-calorie content of the regular VK range. Coming three months after Bacardi Breezer was relaunched in a 100-calorie 4% abv format, VK Lo boasts the lowest calorie and alcohol count of any RTD in the UK, according to Global.

With an rsp of £1.10, VK Lo lines up alongside the brand's regular range later this month in pineapple & grapefruit flavour, with further variants planned for launch later this year.

VK Lo would appeal to calorie-conscious female consumers who wanted to enjoy an evening's drinking without feeling the effects of alcohol too strongly, said Global Brands trade marketing manager Justin Horsman.

"Vodka Kick's real point of difference is to offer a drink that caters to people who view responsible alcohol intake as a priority," he said. "Lo is an extension of this. We are confident it fills a completely untapped gap in RTDs."

Steve Perez, chairman at Global Brands, said supermarket drinks were ripe for investment in low-alcohol alternatives. "When it comes to calories and units of alcohol, the modern consumer is now more conscious and knowledgeable than ever, so we wanted to give them an alternative to the standard RTDs."

The new RTD will benefit from a share of a £10m marketing spend for the entire Vodka Kick range in 2009, with activity including PR, sampling and PoS material.