Danish supermodel Helena Christensen has been called up by Carlsbery-Tetley to turn heads in its latest campaign for Carlsberg Export. Playing on the theme that both Miss Christensen and the beer are great Danish exports, 48-sheet poster ads carry the strapline, Danish Supermodel. Super Danish Model'. The advert, rolling out now, was created for the brewer by Perspectives Red Cell and will appear on 1,600 billboards nationwide, aimed at catching the attention of young, urban lager drinkers. Doug Clydesdale, the brewer's managing director, brands and sales, said the aim was to grow Export in the take-home market even further. "As one of Denmark's greatest exports, Helena Christensen was chosen for her natural synergy with Carlsberg Export," said Clydesdale. "The brand is now available in nearly 90% of outlets. We are sure the Breakdown TV advert and now this poster campaign will secure the brand's performance." {{DRINKS }}