Premier Foods is launching a new ad push for Loyd Grossman as part of previously announced plans to double the marketing spend on its key brands in 2012.

Grossman will return to TV screens from 6 February until the end of April in an ad documenting his life from a toddler to the present day. The push aims to highlight his passion for food and is part of a £2m marketing campaign designed to connect with food lovers around Britain.

The new ad will be preceded by the launch on 2 February of Premier’s Great British Curry TV campaign, which will show Sharwood’s chefs travelling across the nation to discover what makes a great British curry. 

Hovis will return to screens on 10 February, with a re-run of the Go On, Lad advert depicting a young boy’s journey through recent history focusing on quintessential British life.

Loyd Grossman, Hovis and Sharwood’s are among the eight ‘Power Brands’ that will benefit from about £50m of marketing investment over the year. The other five key brands on Premier’s roster are Ambrosia, Batchelors, Bisto, Mr Kipling and Oxo.

“The awareness and popularity of our Power Brands remain strong but it’s clear we haven’t invested enough in marketing compared with our competitors,” said Premier chief executive Michael Clarke.

“I’m committed to changing that. The new TV ads are just the start of things to come.”