Halewood International Ltd The Sovereign Distillery Wilson Road Huyton Industrial Estate Liverpool L36 6AD Tel: 0151 480 8800 Fax: 0151 489 0690 Website: www.halewood-int.com KEY CONTACTS Chairman and chief executive John Halewood Managing director Harry Melling Marketing director Bob Rishworth KEY BRANDS · Lambrini · Red Square · Caribbean Twist · Red Alert · Shakers Smoovie · Prahova Valley · Club Royal Revolution in the Red Square If you thought premixed spirits had exhausted the list of taste defying combinations, then think again. Halewood International has launched a range of authentic fruit smoothies with premium spirits, called Shakers Smoovie. It's just another example of the thirst for innovation in the premium packaged spirits market which has seen 85% growth in the past 12 months alone. "The strength of Halewood's new product innovations is of paramount importance to retaining the success of the business," says the company. "And Shakers Smoovie is just one of the steps that we've committed to in order to satisfy the every changing market." The mother of invention While 2000 has undoubtedly been a prosperous one for the PPS sector as it grew out of alcopops and into more sophisticated premixed spirits, Halewood believes it is only the companies who truly understand the markets, and can react quickly to them, who will continue to survive and prosper. Its leading PPS brand, the vodka based Red Square ­ currently No 3 in the market ­ has kept the offer fresh by reinventing itself more than once, spawning Reloaded Red Square and, most recently, Red Square Ice variant, which has enjoyed widespread success in both the on- and off- trades. "Halewood's Red Square is one of the fastest growing brands in the sector and displays an amazing capability of reinvention to ensure constant relevance to the target market," says a company spokesman. And the spin off benefits for the sluggish spirits sector have been significant, with even declining spirits finding success in the premixed form. Spirit guidance "By using the spirit brand name as a base for various PPSs, authenticity has been added to a product within a market that is particularly sensitive to quality and image," says Halewood. "This association has been good news for the spirit manufacturers." Once considered hard drinks, PPSs have given spirits a more acceptable image, and many female wine drinkers, in particular, have been persuaded to include premixes in their drinking repertoire. "The consumer is now educated into understanding the options available when it comes to using spirits," says a spokesperson. "Vodka can now be mixed with more than just orange, gin with more than just tonic, and rum with more than just coke." Even tequila is fast increasing in popularity, boosted in part by Halewood's Reloaded Red Square Tequila, now in the Top 20 best seller list of PPS variants. An energetic year Earlier this year Halewood joined forces with AG Barr to create Red Square Irn Bru ­ now also available in Reloaded and Ice variants ­ and for the first time entered the non alcoholic sector with Red Alert, a functional energy drink containing caffeine, taurine and ginseng. The launch was backed by TV and radio sponsorship and an outdoor campaign, with extra punch provided by co-sponsorship rights for Lennox Lewis. Already making its mark in an energetic marketplace, an isotonic variant of Red Alert has also recently been introduced. Halewood's key brands are all heavily supported this Christmas with national above the line campaigns, including TV and outdoor media. As key party drinks, Red Square, Caribbean Twist ­ now No 6 in the market ­ and perry brand Lambrini ­ which jumped 15 places to number 50 in the ACNielsen/Checkout Top 100 Drinks Brands this year ­ will be available in all major retail outlets and on trade premises throughout the UK as well as key markets overseas. Spirit indicators: · Red Square and Caribbean Twist at No 3 and No 6 · PPSs enjoy 85% growth over the past 12 months · Red Square Tequila in the Top 20 best selling PPS variant list · Red Alert joins growing non-alcoholic functional drinks market · Pre Christmas TV and radio support for all Halewood brands {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}