UDV UK Ltd Templefields House River Way Harlow Essex CM20 2EA Tel: 01279 626801 Fax: 01279 633115 Customer inquiries: 01279 633330 The Johnnie and Harvey show With number one premium Scotch whisky brand Johnnie Walker enjoying 15% of world Scotch consumption, brand owners UDV decided a small revolution in whisky advertising was called for. This October Johnnie Walker Black Label introduced its first global cinema advertising campaign to the UK, Keep Walking, using cool Hollywood leading man Harvey Keitel to help release whisky drinking from its bagpipes and heather image and catapult it into a cool new era. Initially tested in the Granada region, the campaign should be rolled out nationally in spring 2001. "The campaign is designed to appeal to mankind's fundamental and instinctive desire to make progress," says Johnnie Walker UK brand manager Stewart Herdman, "and it's a message reinforced by the famous Johnnie Walker Striding Man." The ads in cinemas and on posters revolve around the central theme of walks that are universally regarded as emotional and inspirational, encouraging Johnnie Walker drinkers to undertake similar walks of personal development. Big at the box office Keitel is seen walking down a long corridor towards a Roman coliseum where lions circle the perimeter. As Keitel describes the fear he felt as a young actor making his first entrance in an off-Broadway show, the ad cuts to his lone figure entering the coliseum and walking towards a central wall. As Keitel demolishes the barrier, the lions vanish and the star commands the stage. Through rapturous applause the Keep Walking logo featuring Striding Man appears on screen. The cinema campaign is accompanied by striking posters, using famous walking quotes from a variety of historical and contemporary sources, including Plato who philosophised that "To begin is to be halfway there", American president Abraham Lincoln who admitted "I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards", intrepid explorer Dr Livingstone who preferred to "Go anywhere as long as it's forward", and Hannibal who's rallying cry was "We will either find a way or make one" and famously did so with elephants. Tasting sessions "I am very excited by our campaign. It is perfectly targeted at our 25-40 year old male premium whisky consumers," says Herdman. "These drinkers are contemporary, opinion leaders and they expect more from their whisky than traditional brands offer them." In addition to advertising, Johnnie Walker will be implementing a tutored tasting campaign targeted at bar staff and opinion leading consumers. The tastings are designed to give people the knowledge they need to appreciate fine whisky and bar customers will be invited to a special whisky tasting evening at a premium venue. On the night, top Scottish comedian and whisky lover Geoff Boyz will take the audience on a journey through his native Scotland, tasting the malts that go into making the famous Johnnie Walker Black Label blend. Spirit indicators · Roll out of the world's first global whisky ad for spring 2001 · Hollywood star to promote premium brand · Targeted tastings with top Scottish comedian · Poster ads reinforce on-screen message · Focus on 25 to 40-year-old opinion formers {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}