(an advertising supplement) Anthon Berg TOMS Confectionery UK Ltd Clifton Road Marton Blackpool FY4 4QB Tel: 01253 761 201 Fax: 01253 792 006 Website: www.anthonberg.com Key brands Cream Liqueurs St Brendans Irish Cream Traditional Liqueurs Cointreau; Bols; Drambuie; Grand Marnier; Chartreuse; Marie Brizard Apry Whiskys Jack Daniel's; Cutty Sark; Ballantines; Four Roses Brandy Heering; Metaxa Cognac Renault; Gautier; Camus XO; Bisquit Classic Rum Negrita Bardinet; Matusalum Vodka Stolichnaya Gin Beefeater Other Spirits Ricard Anise Anthon Berg's 2000 range Chocolate Liqueurs; Singles counter display; 78gTrial Box; 125g Gift Box; 250g Gift Box/party pack Marzipan & Fruit 300g Apricot in Brandy; 300g Strawberry in Champagne; 300g Plum in Maderia; 300g Kiwi in Cognac; 300g Cherry in Rum Marzipan Bars 40g Original Marzipan bar; 40g Marzipan & cognac bar; 40g Crunchy nut bar; 40g Nougat Bar; 40g Orange Bar Mint Chocolates 150g Twist wrap in Box; 200g Twist wrap in Block Bag; Caramel Chocolates 150g Twist wrap in Box; 200g Twist wrap in Block Bag Boxed Chocolates Boxed 200g; 240g; 360g; 400g; 750g Retail notes Anthon Berg - generates 2.4 times more £ revenue, per outlet, than its nearest competitor* - is the fastest growing brand of chocolate liqueurs in the UK* - is supporting its customers with aggressive deals in year 2001 - Contact Anthon Berg, or your wholesaler for details. * AC Nielsen A mark of distinction Improving customer profitability and employing more aggressive marketing techniques are key strands in Anthon Berg's UK development strategy. The world's No 1 brand in chocolate liqueurs has taken a significant step towards becoming the No 1 brand in the UK as owners, TOMs Confectionery of Denmark, move responsibility for Anthon Berg's activities from its international division into its new, dedicated UK division, TOMs Confectionery UK Ltd. TOMs Marketing Controller in the UK, Derek Rodgers, comments: "This is a significant development, which will enable us to more effectively exploit local market trends. It creates conditions which will trigger a significant increase in the level of marketing support, and which in turn will result in improved customer profitability." The £150m TOMs Group continues to expand in the UK. It acquired Taveners plc in 1992. A second acquisition, Daintee Chocolate Confectionery Company followed in 1997 and in October 2000, the company merged both to create TOMS Confectionery UK Ltd, a £35m business, employing around 450 people and supplying a comprehensive range of sugar and chocolate confectionery under brand and private label. Further acquisitions in the UK are planned. Rodgers comments: "The Anthon Berg brand enjoyed its best ever result in the UK during 2000. Sales via major wholesalers and independents recorded double digit growth. Sales via multiples, which had doubled in the previous 12 months, remained strong. Without exception, and based on direct feedback from our customers, we have found that customer satisfaction with Anthon Berg, as measured by sales performance, profitability, and service, has moved into an entirely new league." Following lengthy consumer research the company has redesigned its range to make it more appealing to the UK market. The range consists of strong selling, core lines in each product category, says Rodgers. "A strong ROS and high profit potential for customers will be the justification for each product in the line up. "As the world's No. 1 brand of chocolate liqueurs, our primary objective is to achieve the same status in the UK. We know this is achievable, as in research, seven out of every 10 current chocolate liqueur consumers preferred Anthon Berg to competitor products." Historically, lack of competition has led to low investment in the category, says Rodgers. "Anthon Berg is reversing this trend and has re-started growth of the £12m market. More retailers than ever are now paying attention to this high profit, premium market." The company continues to improve and refine its assortment, including new product development in the boxed and mint chocolates. "With the addition of Jack Daniels Whiskey, St Brendans Irish Cream and Metusalum Rum to our 2001 line up, we now cater for 99% of UK consumer taste. Our nearest competitor covers only 57%," says Rodgers. "By bringing Anthon Berg quality to the boxed and mint chocolate markets, the company will rapidly increase brand share." {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}