(an advertising supplement) Aldous Lamont Ltd 15 Oxberry Avenue London SW6 5SP Tel: 020 7736 8206 Fax: 020 7384 9727 Website: www.elrey.co.uk Email: info@elrey.co.uk Key personnel Commercial Director William Aldous Marketing Robert Bailey Public Relations Emma Wellings Key brands Extra bitter chocolates: Apamate 73.5%Gran Saman 70% Bittersweet chocolates: Mijao 61%, Bucare 58.5% Milk chocolate: Caoba 41% White chocolate: Icoa Beans of distinction What do chocaholics and coffee lovers have in common? According to premium chocolate producer El Rey, they are both trading up to premium products, seeking out that exclusive single bean origin label. "UK consumers are developing more and more refined tastes and are looking for new and exciting products," observes William Aldous, commercial director of Aldous Lamont Ltd, importers and distributors for El Rey chocolate. "Last year the growth in premium chocolate markets was around 7% whereas in standard confectionery as a whole, growth was rather sluggish at 1.8% and in some sectors was static or negative." Pioneers of single bean origin chocolate, El Rey began exporting from Venezuala to the US and Japan in 1996, averaging 15%-20% year-on-year growth in both markets. "We predict equal or greater growth in the UK," says Aldous. "El Rey is setting the standard that others are looking to follow." Launched in the UK last year, El Rey chocolate is already a significant player in the growing premium chocolate market, quickly gaining listings in two leading multiples and now expanding the brand into independents. "Premium products are profitable business for the retailer; margins and returns are high," says Aldous. Product development on retail packs of individual chocolates, or carrés, will give El Rey an entry into the gift box market in time for autumn and Christmas sales. It's confident it can capitalise on the growing gift box sector by offering something special to premium chocolate lovers and attracting new customers from other sectors of the market. The Carenero Superior line of chocolates from El Rey is available in six distinctive flavours made from 100% Venezuelan cacao, acknowledged to be the most flavourful and aromatic cacao beans in the world. "This range of products offers the discerning chocolate consumer more than any other premium chocolate on the market ­ namely a world class pedigree in origin, the assurance that the raw materials used are the best in the world, and a delicate and intrinsic balance of flavours and aromas not found in any other chocolate on the market," says Aldous. "At the moment, premium brands command less than 8% of the UK's £4bn-a-year confectionery market, so growth in premium brands is set to continue. With the use of targeted advertising and PR, El Rey is destined to become a market leader in this buoyant and growing sector." The company is also planning to introduce other line extensions over the next few months. "We are confident that this class of product will strongly attract the attention of both consumers and retailers alike," says Aldous. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}