(an advertising supplement) Elizabeth Shaw Ltd Greenbank Bristol BS5 6EL Tel: 0117 301 3300 Fax: 0117 301 3301 E-mail: mail@elizabethshaw.co.uk Website: www.elizabethshaw.co.uk Key personnel Sales & Marketing Director Bill Williams Marketing Manager Emma North Brand Manager Andrew Humphries National Sales Manager Steve March Managing Director Malachy McReynolds Key brands Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Chocolates, Elizabeth Shaw Milk Mint Crisp Chocolates, Elizabeth Shaw Milk & Dark Mint Crisp Duo Pack, Elizabeth Shaw After Dinner Mints, Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Truffles, Elizabeth Shaw Irish Cream Truffles, Elizabeth Shaw Cointreau Truffles, Elizabeth Shaw Harveys Bristol Cream Truffles, Elizabeth Shaw Tia Maria Truffles, Famous Names Premier Collection Milk & Dark Liqueur Chocolates, Famous Names Luxury Milk Chocolate Liqueur Selection, Stolichnaya Vodka Shots, Breaking the mould The supremely stylish Elizabeth Shaw brand unveils a new wardrobe this winter and what's under the covers is as exciting as the presentation. This is not a case of all style and no substance. Liz is a new woman. Having freed herself from the Leaf UK portfolio during last year's acquisition, the thoroughly modern Shaw is stepping out with three major product launches and stunning pack designs. The range has been developed by an in-house commercial team which looked beyond the confectionery market for inspiration. "We are adding value to a market which has lacked innovation and imagination," explains Bill Williams, Sales and Marketing Director. "While the four man acquisition team has almost a century of experience in the confectionery market between them, we have assembled a commercial team with experience from other food and non-food markets who can think outside the box' and who are not guided by confectionery tradition. The new range clearly demonstrates this thinking in practice." Emma North, Marketing Manager, says the winter collection reflects the quality and heritage of the Elizabeth Shaw brand. "We are particularly pleased to be introducing some exciting and innovative new products, developed instinctively by the team, but with much appreciated trade input, backed up by consumer research. "These new developments should create a major impact with both retailers and consumers." Elizabeth Shaw's opening salvo is the launch of Stolichnaya Vodka Shots, a unique selection of milk chocolates with smooth centres blended from the finest Stolichnaya Russian vodka in four flavours ­ straight, orange, vanilla or raspberry vodka. For maximum enjoyment, Vodka shots should be served chilled. Launched in a distinctive, contemporary 195g silver tube ­ a design unique in gifting confectionery ­ with a rsp of £5.49, the Shots will also be available in metallic silver impulse packs in a display outer. Each pack will contain six chocolates with a special promotional price of 99p. "Stolichnaya Vodka Shots will catch the imagination of the modern consumer and will attract a younger audience than traditional liqueur chocolates," predicts North. "It's a perfect gift purchase and should quickly become established as a year-round performer." Meanwhile, Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp, the UK's top-selling mint crisp chocolate, is to be joined by Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Truffles, an indulgent confection of mint truffle and honeycomb crisp, presented in 150g octagonal display boxes, packed in a slick, on shelf display unit, and retailing at around £2.99. The Elizabeth Shaw Liqueur Truffles range has also been elegantly repackaged to add value and giftworthiness to a budget market and boosted by the introduction of Tia Maria and Harveys Bristol Cream. Each pack now contains 14 chocolates and will retail at around £3.29. To encourage trial, an impulse pack featuring all four liqueurs in a stylish display tray will be offered with a rsp of just 99p. Not to be outdone, Elizabeth Shaw After Dinner Mints will be marketed in an innovative green transparent wallet, retailing at around £2.49. And The spirit of Christmas range will feature updated pack designs for the Famous Names selection of liqueurs. Looking to foreign markets, the company will also re-introducing Orange Crisp and Coffee Crisp Chocolates, primarily for export. With 2001 marking the centenary of the Elizabeth Shaw chocolate factory in Greenbank, Bristol it was perhaps time the lady had a makeover. To mark the anniversary, a commem-orative Easter egg containing Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp chocolates with a back panel featuring an early scene from the chocolate factory is available now at a rsp of £6.99. The egg also promotes the brand's new website, which shows that, at 100 not out, there's plenty of life in the old girl yet. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}