(an advertising supplement) Golden Casket Group Fort Matilda Greenock PA16 7SZ Tel; 01475 721099/728771 Fax: 01475 784644 Key personnel Managing Director Douglas Rae Administration Director Edith Kirkpatrick Marketing Manager Sandra Fisher Key Accounts Manager Allan Marshall Production Director Crawford Rae Key brands Buchanans of Scotland Millions Half Pounders Gibbs Gilda Making a mint from millions Finding a unique selling point in the hyper competitive kids' confection-ery market is increasingly difficult. But the Golden Casket Group, brand owners for Millions and the more mature Buchanans bagged and boxed sweets range, has come up with something rather special. As from this month most of its products, including Millions and Buchanans gift packs of buttered brazils, will carry a Vegetarian Approved stamp. "So many children for different reasons, whether it be religious or health, find it hard to find sweets that they are able to eat ­ now they can have Millions!" says Marketing Manager Sandra Fisher. "It's a great usp for us." The new endorsement builds on Buchanan's reputation for offering "pure lines", including Buttered Brazils and After Dinner Mints which are made without artificial additives or animal fats. A stand out success has been Buchanans' peppermint creams made with unadulterated peppermint oil. "Other manufacturers tend to use essence which just doesn't give the same flavour," says Fisher. Distinctly different "Although we cannot claim that dentists approve any of our products from the casket of Buchanans range ­ full cream, butter and raw Barbados sugar are probably not suitable! ­ the pure lines means we have something to offer which sets us apart," she adds. "We use only the finest ingredients, with no animal or artificial additives." In February, the spectacularly coloured Millions, which have enjoyed electric growth since 1998, were joined by the first new flavour variant in eight years ­ an awesome Bubblegum tasting treat, packaged in eyecatching hologram film sitting in silver metpol outers. In three weeks the company sold over 22,000 outers. "It proves it was the right extension to our range," says Fisher. Former winners of a Food From Scotland Excellence Award for its gift range of bagged sweets, Golden Casket brands are aimed at both the independent retail and multiple sectors ­ and it's prepared to offer a pricing structure to support the smaller guys with exclusive deals for the independents. This May will see another launch ­ this time of mini Millions, a new 10p pack of 100 sweets in Strawberry and Cola flavours. It joins the pocket money range of 25p packs, 49p tubes and 60p/100g weigh outs. "It gives retailers a variety of price points ­ none of which will break the piggy bank!" says Fisher. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}