Taking the pain out of packaging Boughey Distribution Limited Wardle, Nantwich Cheshire CW5 6RS Tel: 01829 260704 Fax: 01829 260604 E-mail: admin@boughey.co.uk Website: www.boughey.co.uk KEY PERSONNEL Managing director Mike Guest Contract packing manager Bob Evans Business development co-ordinator Jason Ward KEY SERVICES Complete service for ambient goods suppliers, includes: - receipt of goods - contract packing - warehousing - handling - distribution KEY CLIENTS Small niche product producers to large blue chip manufacturers, with products being home produced or imported from all over the globe Getting the packaging right on grocery products very often means the difference between a brand leader and collecting dust in a warehouse. Supplying exciting and eye-catching designs to the target consumer, backed with multimedia advertising, is an expensive business. But this is not the only problem. The fickle nature of the buying public requires continuous redevelopment of product image. Also, if an own label product is subject to an image overhaul, such as Asda/Wal-Mart ditching the Farm Stores brand, the retailers demand the supplier complies with the designs. So what happens to all the good stock left in its out-dated and unfashionable jacket? How can a supplier maximise the value of its goods, minimise wastage and improve its bottom line performance? The obvious answer is to call a specialist in the contract repacking world. A growing and increasingly important aspect of the Boughey consolidated distribution business is its packing and inspection facility based at its national distribution centre in Wardle, Cheshire. Initially set up in 1979 as an added value service for the company's existing customers, the 440,000 sq ft facility is now able to offer expertise and resources to more than 100 companies not connected with the traditional' warehousing and distribution activities of the business. The contract repacking operation regularly carries out work for blue chip customers such as Princes Foods and HJ Heinz, and specialises in a variety of activities, including: - shrinkwrapping ­ both manually operated and automatic machines are available to accommodate any size of run, wrapping in quantities from pairs to 48s, and providing trays or backing cards dependent on customer requirements; - de- and re-labelling ­ high-speed machines process cans from 195g to 425g. Manual de-labelling and labelling larger can sizes (such as A10) are also available to completely revamp a product's image; - flowwrapping ­ a £30,000 investment in new technology allows individual items to be packed into sales units. Promotional packs and short runs deliver flexibility and a variety of options to suppliers' product ranges; - clean room ­ deveoped to conform to the M&S confectionery division's high standards, the clean room environment ensures top quality repacking and Boughey's commitment to best practice working methods; - other services ­ tagging; inkjet printing; bar-coding; stock inspections; sortations; and any remedial work necessary to maximise stock quality and value. Boughey's full service warehousing and distribution operation on-site gives the contract packing facility a cost-effective and valuable method of fulfilling grocery suppliers' total needs. Its high-quality ambient warehousing holds 45,000 pallets, and it delivers daily throughout the UK to all major multiple retailers, wholesale C&Cs and independent stores. Boughey maintains its own fleet of over 50 HGVs and smaller rigid body vehicles, and consolidates over 100 ambient grocery suppliers into similar delivery points. Through this consolidation, Boughey is able to fulfill ever-decreasing order quantities and lead times, and deliver 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Owned by the NWF Group Plc, which also has a fuel distribution company on the same site, Boughey was able to maintain its high standard delivery performance even during the recent fuel crisis, with no loss of services to suppliers or retailers. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}