Film star takes on grocery Mobil Plastics Europe (UK) 1 Towers Place Eton Street Richmond Surrey TW9 1EG Tel: 020 8334 4600 Fax: 020 8334 4611 Website: Mobil Plastics Europe (Headquarters) 1b rue Thomas Edison L-1445 LUXEMBOURG Tel: +352 45 102 22 11 Fax: +352 45 102 24 24 KEY PERSONNEL General manager Carlo Ranucci Sales & marketing director Yves Loisel Business manager ­ industrial packaging and labelling Eric Johnson Business manager ­ food packaging Christian Dubois KEY BRANDS Packaging films for protection, performance, promotion and productivity. - Bicor® l-OPPalyte ® - Metallyte® - Label-Lyte® - Hicor - Twist-Lyte Consumer trends for better product protection and the general move towards snacking and convenience foods require more flexible solutions and are key factors driving innovation in packaging, according to leading film manufacturer Mobil Plastics Europe. Increased globalisation is also leading to the need for worldwide partners who are able to respond to the differing needs of supply chains in different geographical markets. Based in Luxembourg, and with sales offices throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Mobil Plastics Europe ­ a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Chemical ­ has pioneered a wide range of packaging films that add value to product sales through their versatility, excellent printing qualities, machine performance and high barrier properties (for product protection and conservation). Just over 20 years ago, the development of OPP (oriented polypropylene) films revolutionised the way many traditional products were packaged and promoted. Mobil Films were amongst the key driving forces behind the switch from cellophane to OPP for much of the global biscuit industry. These films provide barrier properties for the protection and benefit of the food product inside, while also offering packaging machine efficiencies and much more attractive printing surfaces for quality colours and designs. Moreover, international products and brands destined for export could be shipped in various climates and under the most difficult transport conditions, without a loss of quality. Mobil Plastics Europe continues to work closely with global FMCG companies to develop the right solutions for more effective all-round packagings. Traditional versus modern Within grocery, products that remain traditional in terms of packaging are the areas that hold the most potential. Sectors such as healthcare and pharmaceutical, beauty and household products, that still heavily rely on aluminium foil, paper and other more traditional materials for packaging and labelling are starting to undergo a huge packaging facelift which is likely to see a major shift towards more versatile and lightweight packaging solutions, such as the use of OPP films. OPP labelling films are already starting to replace paper labels, as they tend to provide much better on-shelf appeal due to their water and product resistance, the fact that they do not tear and the possibility of a high quality no-label or transparent look. They are also chosen for environmental reasons, since OPP film labels can also be recycled along with the plastic containers they are covering. In fact, environmental concerns remain an important part of the food chain. In packaging there is a global effort by all players to reduce packaging weight, use mono-materials (for easier recycling or re-usability), and shorten the supply chain to avoid unnecessary secondary storage and transit packaging. Consumer perception of over-packaging is growing, reflected in the increased demand for more lightweight packaging materials such as OPP films. The shortening of the supply chain is also an important part of Effective Consumer Response, in which the packaging industry, as an integral part of the distribution chain, is implicated. For several years now, Mobil Plastics Europe has been investing heavily in processes, tools and resources to build an effective supply chain competency, such as Fast Cycle Simultaneous Manufacturing processes and SAP implementation. Several initiatives have been implemented with key customers to improve the integration of the inter-enterprise supply chain, for instance automatic order replenishment. This tool provides a set of features that help to synchronise flows and ensure a reliable and just in time service to customers at the best global cost. Smooth delivery Through streamlining distribution processes, Mobil Plastics Europe is now taking advantage of internal supply chain reliability and information technology to implement additional service tools such as internet connectivity, with on line inventory information, order status, lead times, and available-to-promise (ATP) features. With the onslaught of home shopping, many questions as to how packaging will be affected still remain unanswered. In the near future it is anticipated that much more general consumer shopping will be done remotely. Producers in the grocery trade are already working on what consumers want and how to supply it, and the shift in consumer behaviour will in turn change the way products are packaged. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}