Diageo has launched a £10m campaign for Guinness including a new TV ad that is the most expensive for the brand to date.

Shot in a remote Argentinian village with a cast of 400 locals, the advert is the latest in the Good Things Come To Those Who Wait series.

"This new ad had to be ambitious as we were up against some of the other ads in the series such as Surfer and Evolution," said Paul Cornell, Diageo marketing manager. "The brief was to make the most awe-inspiring celebration of Guinness ever and create a powerful and emotional connection to the brand."

The ad, Tipping Point, tells the story of a village coming together in an ambitious display of domino-toppling, featuring 6,000 dominos, hundreds of books, cars and even meat carcases in honour of the black stuff.

"It is about celebrating the wait and taste of Guinness and is really upbeat," he said. "We wanted to move away from the feel of some of the recent Guinness ads, which were perhaps too dark."

The campaign will run from now until April across TV, radio and cinema, with £5m of the spend earmarked for the run-up to Christmas.

A digital campaign has also been launched where people search for clues in order to win prizes, including a solid gold domino.

"It is no longer good enough to just put an advert on TV. You have to get people engaged and involved," said Cornell.