Health campaigners are unfairly criticising celebrity chefs such as Delia Smith over their choice of sea and rock salt in many of their recipes, claim manufacturers.
Steve Osbourne, MD of Maldon Crystal Salt Company, said that such endorsements had helped boost sales. He argued that it did represent a healthier alternative to ordinary table salt. He also said that people looking to reduce salt intake should do so by working on the 80-90% of the salt they take daily from bread and cereals.
Smith has mentioned Maldon salt on her web site and has included it in a list of her favourite ingredients. Anti-salt campaigners say that the chemical structure of table salt and sea or rock salt is basically the same.
But Osbourne says there is a difference. “Table salt doesn’t have the same levels of calcium and magnesium as sea salt, while sea salt contains no added anti-caking agents. Sea salt is more natural than ordinary table salt and the salt found in ready meals.
“Our packaging has a clear message for those looking to reduce their salt intake. The pronounced flavour and distinctive taste means that less is required.”
He also said criticising celebrity chefs was an easy way for anti-salt campaigners to get increased publicity.