Canned nutritional facts

The Food and Drink Federation has issued new guidance for suppliers seeking to market their products as healthier options.

It said the guidance, covering comparative nutrition claims, such as less sugar, fewer calories and more fibre, would help suppliers offer a more consistent approach that would be less confusing to consumers.

The document provides detailed best practice guidance on the requirements and appropriate wording for comparative nutrition claims to be used in the labelling and advertising of products.

“Comparative nutrition claims can help consumers make healthier choices,” FDF chief scientific officer Helen Munday, said. “FDF’s new guidance goes much further than anything currently available in the area of comparative nutrition claims and aims to create a level playing field within the food industry. We are providing industry with the tools to use these claims in a compliant and consistent way, which can help to showcase ongoing reformulation work.”

Tim Baxter, deputy director of healthy behaviours at the DH, said: “This step-by-step guide by the FDF offers a consistent approach to making comparative nutrition claims. Businesses may find this helpful when considering the requirements of the legislation and for providing accurate information on their product packaging.”