Supermarket sandwiches may be next in the firing line as the obesity and health debate continues.

A report in The Independent today states that dietitians are accusing high street stores of selling unhealthy sandwiches that contain high levels of fat.

In a study of 50 sandwich types, the survey noted that cheese sandwiches contained the most fat, with a Marks & Spencer Red Leicester and Cheddar sandwich heading the list with 41.9g of fat per pack.

Sandwiches by Asda and Tesco also featured in the top ten on the survey, carried out by DailyDietTracker, a diet and fitness web site.

The newspaper report coincides with the news that during a meeting with food-industry executives the culture secretary, Tessa Jowell, has asked retailers, food companies and farmers to fund a blind trust to advertise the benefits of healthy eating.

Jpowell’s suggestion has apparently enraged food manufacturers and retailers who believe they are being targeted unfairly for Britain’s obesity epidemic, according to news reports this weekend.