porky lights

Syn and Porky Whites

Sir, In relation to your Analysis ‘Just how robust is on-pack nutritional information?’ (11 March, p16), Slimming World does not endorse any products and we certainly do not, and have never, endorsed Porky Lights sausages. A number of sausage brands, and tens of thousands of other products, are included on Slimming World’s foods database. The inclusion of a product on our database is simply an assessment of whether or not it counts as Syns within Slimming World’s Food Optimising plan.

Following concerns about the fat content of Porky Lights sausages, we commissioned tests by UKAS-accredited food analysis laboratories, which showed the sausages were much higher in fat than the nutrition panel indicated, varying from 8.7g/100g to 19.4g/100g. In fact the fat content of Porky Lights is so variable that we are unable to provide a valid Syn value to our members. Because of this, Porky Lights products have been removed from Slimming World’s database. We have informed G White & Co of our findings, and will also be letting Trading Standards know about our concerns about the levels of fat in Porky Lights sausages.

Jenny Caven, head of external affairs, Slimming World

Cut waste, save money

Sir, It was encouraging to read that Tesco is the latest big retailer to launch an initiative aimed at reducing unnecessary food waste across grocery retail. Supermarkets play a pivotal role in shaping our attitudes and behaviour towards waste management, so it’s great to see another major retailer lead by example. I’d like to see supermarkets continue to embrace new, sustainable approaches to waste. By embracing recycling, retailers can shrink their carbon footprint and drive significant cost savings.

Philip Simpson, commercial director, ReFood UK

Fair pay?

Sir, The area of pay systems is one of the most vital in the field of employment relations. An acceptable and effective system, which maximises levels of service productivity and quality, while providing fair pay, is essential. A pay system should not discriminate by reference to protected characteristics. Equal pay is of significance in that women have the right to equal pay with men if they’re doing ‘like work’. It is good practice to evaluate existing pay systems to help avoid, for example, any sex discrimination.

Kevin James, partner, Payne Hicks Beach