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Sugar-free options for children are still hard to find, despite the government’s war on sugar

Parents are struggling to find healthy products for children on the shelves despite the government’s war on sugar, according to a new survey by Netmums and campaign group Sugarwise.

The survey claimed 80% of parents regularly looked for low or no-sugar products for their families, but 30% were unable to find these products in store.

Lunchbox snacks emerged as the most difficult area, with 38% of parents complaining they had trouble finding low-sugar options in supermarkets.

Next in line were low-sugar breakfast cereals and pasta sauces, cited as difficult to find by 17% of parents. Meanwhile, 15% had trouble locating low or no-sugar desserts and 12% were unable to find healthy baking ingredients.

Yet the survey also presented an opportunity for suppliers, as a quarter of parents said they would be willing to spend more on low-sugar foods if they were available. And 40% agreed they would be happy to pay more for healthy options as long as the products tasted good.

Netmums editor in chief Anne-Marie O’Leary said: “Childhood obesity is a national concern and Netmums users are increasingly worried about the levels of sugar consumption by children. Yet, our survey shows despite consumer demand for more low-sugar formulations and the willingness to pay more if needed for low-sugar options, retailers are failing to make these products available on shelf.”

Rend Platings, CEO and founder of Sugarwise, added: “It’s no surprise consumption is so high when mums, and other shoppers, struggle to find lower sugar products on supermarket shelves.”