Action against hunger

Sir, I would like to commend Action Against Hunger and the Innocent Foundation for their innovative work in funding and successfully trialling a new approach to treating malnourished children in famine-stricken areas (‘Taking Action’ 29 April, p26).

Our family business is proud to give 10% of annual profits to charitable causes, and as a corporate sponsor of Action Against Hunger, we read your report with great interest.

When choosing which charities to support, we aim for our donations to bring life-changing benefits to a large number of people. It is therefore encouraging to hear that our support of Action Against Hunger - like that of many other businesses and individuals around the globe - could soon be used even more effectively than it is already.

Innocent CEO Douglas Lamont also raises a very important question about the other help that companies like ours may be able to give to the charity sector, whether it be lending the skills of our nutritional experts, or sharing our supply chain knowledge with charities that have little experience in such fields.

As we ponder this question, what I can say is, as a profitable UK food business, we will continue to feel a desire and a duty to support people less fortunate than us - both at home and abroad.

If all companies in our industry shared this sense of duty, and we all did a fraction of what Innocent is doing, then it would help take a huge step towards eradicating hunger and malnutrition around the world.

Rob Amar, MD, RH Amar