Heinz has launched a new dessert pot range for babies aged four to 36 months that is designed to offer an alternative to fruit purées.

The range comes in six flavours: Fruity Custard Banana, Fruity Custard Fruit Medley, Fruity Custard Pear & Apple, Fruity Yoghurt Banana, Fruity Yoghurt Pear and Fruity Pudding with Apple & Oats (rsp: £1.75/four 100g pots). Each pot contains at least one of a child’s recommended five-a-day and has a recloseable lid for extra convenience.

“There is a limited choice of desserts available, and most of those in the market are only made of fruit, so we decided to offer mums custard and yoghurt flavours,” said Heinz infant feeding marketing manager Katie Bleach.

In October, Heinz unveiled a new on-the-go baby drinks range it hopes will reverse a 5% fall in market value year-on-year [Nielsen 52w/e 3 September 2011].