Pomegranate continues to be in vogue, with James White Drinks the latest company to use the fruit in its products.
The company is this month launching its Organic Pomegranate & Apple Juice drink, made with not-from-concentrate pomegranate juice and freshly pressed apples, aimed at the adult market.
Lawrence Mallinson, MD at James White Drinks, said the drink benefited from the health credentials of pomegranate juice, which is purported to have heart benefits and help prevent the thickening of arteries if drunk on a daily basis.
“I have only discovered pomegranate juice recently,” he said.
“I have always known apples are good for you but have been impressed by the growing evidence to support pomegranate’s health claims.”
The juice is available in two sizes of glass bottles, 25cl and 75cl, with a premium price of £1.15 for the small size and £2.59 for the large.