Heinz has turned to mother for its latest babyfood range.

No fewer than 17 mums have provided the recipes for a new new Mum’s Own savoury portfolio. Rolling out now, the jarred offerings are based on dishes entered into a Heinz competition last year. Packaging
features the name of the mother who developed each recipe, together with childlike illustrations. Claire Stocker, Heinz brand marketer for baby food, said the range would help enhance the image of pre-prepared babyfood.

“Our research shows that when it comes to prepared baby food, mothers have rational needs such as recipe choice, nutritional balance, quality and convenience,” said Stocker. “On the emotional side, they want to make sure that they do their best for their babies, as this helps reduce any guilt they might have using prepared food.”

Support for the new range, which includes variants such as Joanna Nettle’s Orange Squash Stew and Brenda Hoppers’ Seaside Pasta, will come in the form of press advertising, sampling and direct mail. The products retail at 59p and 69p for128g and 200g jars respectively.

Meanwhile, Heinz has added BBC TV stars Fimbles - Baby Pom, Florrie and Fimbo - to the cast of characters in its pasta shapes range aimed at two to four-year-olds.

The trio, who have a special talent for finding things, join Winnie the Pooh, the Tweenies and the Teletubbies in the company’s pre-school licensing portfolio.

Brand manager Louise Swift described Fimbles as one of the most successful pre-school properties. She said character licences had proved to be an effective tool in driving growth in the sector.
Mary Carmichael