Heinz is adding beans with bite to its range of baked beans. Aimed at young men, Heinz Bean Meals provide a hearty and convenient meal, leaving hunger and taste buds satisfied. The Heinz Bean Meal range comes in three varieties: Beanz with Balls, Big Saucy Bangers and Red Hot Balls.

The cheeky new packaging features tabloid-style stories with tongue-in-cheek humour to add greater shelf standout for the range. Young men are increasing their baked bean consumption at 4% year-on-year, and as many as 1.1 million men eat baked beans every day. Sixty per cent of beans are eaten with a host food.

So far this year Heinz has launched Heinz Snap Pots and Heinz Limited Edition Baked Beanz with HP Sauce. Heinz has a 65.3% share of the total beans market, which is worth £233.8m. The second-biggest player behind Heinz is standard own label, which has an 18.3% share.

To celebrate the launch, Heinz is giving 10 readers the chance to win two cases of Beanz with Balls. To be in with a chance of winning, fill in the form on the opposite page.