Mary Carmichael The Heinz brand is making its debut in frozen desserts with a Deeply Delicious range of cheesecakes. And the food giant, which already produces cheesecake under the Devonshire brand as well as own label products, is backing the new arrivals with £7m ­ the sector's biggest spend for a decade. It has also invested £2.5m in equipment. Senior brand manager Jan 't Lam said frozen cheesecake was growing at the expense of gâteaux. "We want to boost frequency of use with something different," he added. Targeted mainly at lower middle class housewives, the newcomers hit shelves at the end of this month. Blackcurrant Swirl and Raspberry Swirl feature fruit compôte within the cheesecake as well as on top, while Strawberry is topped with real strawberries and the Chocolate version with chocolate sauce. All come on a biscuit base and are cold set rather than baked for a lighter texture. Packs feature a clear plastic tray inside a branded sleeve, allowing consumers to see the products clearly, while the tray's push-up base makes removal for thawing easier. Marketing kicks off in July with the first of two bursts of TV ads, sponsorship of Channel Five, instore theatre and sampling. Packs will be marked at £1.49 (usual rsp: £1.99) during the summer. {{P&P }}