Heinz is making its first foray into salads with a range of pre-packed snacks.
Salad Shakers roll out from next week and come in two flavours - Chicken Caesar and Greek Salad - with the newcomers representing new territory for the brand.
Each contains an individual portion of salad with a 30ml portion of dressing in a separate shaker-style lid. Consumers pour the dressing over the salad, replace the snap-on lid, and shake the pot to mix the contents. The lid also holds a disposable fork to enable the salad to be eaten on-the-go.
The Salad Shakers will primarily target 16 to 45-year-old women, but will also be
positioned as a healthy lunchtime option for men with busy lifestyles. Marketing manager Tom Cardwell said the new concept had been developed on the back of extensive research and consumer insights. “We are already very successful with Heinz Sandwiches and Heinz Soup Cup in the chiller. But Heinz Salad Shakers offer consumers a healthy yet filling option that is a change from sandwiches at lunchtime or possibly as part of a lazy evening meal at home,” he said.
Heinz will be tapping into a growing category. The UK salad retail market nearly doubled in value between 1992 and 2002 and was worth £1.25bn in 2002, according to The Greenery’s UK Salad Market Report. The report also found that 91% of consumers eat salads - 16% on a daily basis and 60% at least two or three times a week.
The Salad Shakers will cost £2.99 each and be distributed, said Cardwell, “anywhere consumers can buy a sandwich on-the-go close to work, either on the high street or in c-stores.”
If successful, Heinz plans to extend the Salad Shakers range to five varieties.
Sean McAllister