UK supermarket buyers attending the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York were astonished that Heinz has no plans to launch its green ketchup in the UK. The new version ­ called Blastin' Green EZ Squirt ketchup ­ is due to launch in the US in October, but Heinz denies that it will be rolled out in the UK. Although the ketchup was not among the thousands of products at the Manhattan food show, news of its launch was a major talking point on opening day. One British buyer said: "I can't believe it will not be coming to Britain. "It could be the biggest thing to hit the kids' market in years." However, a UK spokesman for Heinz said: "At the moment we don't think the timing is right for the UK and we won't be seeing EZ Squirt on UK supermarket shelves in the foreseeable future." The EZ Squirt bottle is made of a softer plastic that is easier for kids to squeeze and the nozzle produces a thinner stream of ketchup than traditional bottles. {{NEWS }}