Heinz has responded to rising consumer enthusiasm for meals made from leftovers by relaunching its range of pickles as a recession-friendly meal accompaniment.

The company has revamped the packaging of its standard range of pickles, including Baby Beetroot and Red Cabbage, to give them a more upmarket look and has also added three new luxury variants to the portfolio: Silverskins in Dark Balsamic Vinegar, Rosebud Beetroot in Raspberry Red Wine Vinegar, and Silverskins in Raspberry Red Wine Vinegar, rsp £1.99.

Heinz's pickles have soared 18% to £5m this year (TNS) as a result of the increasingly thrifty eating habits of modern consumers, according to Nicky Cummerfield, Heinz senior brand manager.

"The desire not to waste food is now having a real impact on the types of meals prepared at home," said Cummerfield. "Nearly 100 million more dishes have been served up this year using leftover ingredients [TNS] and consumers are looking for products that can be kept in the fridge and used to reinvigorate food that would otherwise go to waste."

With Christmas approaching, consumers also wanted the goods they purchased to stretch further, she added.

"Heinz Pickles can enhance cold cuts, rescue culinary disasters and they make fantastic accompaniments to many appetisers," she said. "Plus their long shelf-life means they offer incredibly good value."

The relaunch will be supported by a PR and in-store marketing campaign in the run-up to Christmas.