Source: GDK

The ‘OV Doner’

German Doner Kebab has launched its first plant-based option as part of an expanded vegetarian menu.

Created in partnership with Nestlé Professional, the new doner is called ‘OV Kebab’, and replaces pulled chicken with a rehydrated soya alternative infused with GDK’s signature spice.

The plant-based doner will be served on toasted waffle bread and garnished with lettuce, red cabbage, sliced onions, tomatoes, and GDK’s three signature sauces: yoghurt, garlic and spicy. 

The quick-service restaurant chain is adding eight new veggie options, which brings the total to 10 items.

“This development was an exciting challenge,” said GDK global CMO Dr Thorsk Westphal.

“We have always been dedicated to redefining the kebab experience, prioritising quality and fresh ingredients to deliver a premium experience. This collaboration expands the availability of vegetarian options by offering a plant-based version of all of our fan favourites.”

Kate Edley, lead at savoury food and plant-based at Nestlé Professional UK, added: “Chicken is the most common ingredient in kebabs, so teaming up with GDK presents an ideal opportunity to broaden the options and to cater to diners’ preferences and needs.

“Our vegan chicken fillet has a soft, fibrous texture that soaks up all those big flavours, making it the perfect addition to the GDK Kebab range.”

The international kebab chain has rolled out the new menu across all of its 140 locations in the UK.